How do I add multiple expense claims?

    In the App

    • Go to Expenses >> My Expenses and click on the '+' button >> Multiple Expenses
    • Fill the relevant details as per the expense category, map to an expense report and save the report. In a Multiple Expense, you can add additional categories by clicking on 'Add Expense'. You can save the report by clicking on the tick icon on the top right corner
    • On the main listing page click on the green submit button to submit the expense report.

In the web portal

  • Click on the “Expense” tab towards the left.
  • Go to “My Expenses”.
  • Towards the right above the actions column.
  • Click on Actions.
  • Select “Add multiple expenses”
  • Fill in the data similar to how you would when adding a single expense

Note: You will not be able to submit any billable claims or select the client name when adding multiple claims. If you need to do so, you will need to submit an individual claim for the same

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