How do I register my mobile device for marking attendance?

Note:This is applicable only if your organization has opted for Mobile App. Please confirm with your HR team before trying this out.

There are five ways of getting your mobile device registered for marking attendance.

  1. When you mark your attendance for the first time
    1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
    2. Log into the app and see the Mark Attendance Page
    3. On marking your attendance for the first time, you will be asked to register your device. Without registering you cannot mark your attendance
    4. Once you register your device, you cannot use any other device to mark your attendance.
    5. If you do not register your device, you will not be allowed to mark attendance.
  2. When you change your device
    1. You will install the app on the new phone and log into your account
    2. When you mark your attendance, you will see a message requesting to update the registered device
    3. Once you click Update, a request will be generated for updating the device registration which needs to be approved by the admin
    4. You will not be able to mark attendance from the new device unless the request is approved. Once it is approved, you cannot mark attendance from your old device

  3. When an admin registers a device on behalf of the user(Android only)
    1. You can reach out to your HR team/admin. They can register the device on behalf of you. You will need to share the IMEI number of your device with them. Please note that such data is stored securely in our servers.
    2. This cannot be done for iOS devices (iPhones). Please install the app from the Apple App Store and register your device.
    3. Devices added by admin are auto-approved.
  4. When an admin approves the new device registration request
    1. In case you have submitted a request to update your registered device, the admin can approve, reject or view details of that request
    2. You cannot use the new device for attendance marking unless it is approved by the admin. Once the new device has been approved, you cannot use the old device to mark attendance.
  5. When an admin activates/deactivates the device registration
    1. Admin can activate or deactivate the device registration for employees individually and in bulk

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